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We are proud over the fact that people all over the world is buying our products. So far we have sold products to France, Finland, Switzerland, Denmark, Japan, Hong Kong, China, United States, Sweden, United Kingdom.....just to name a few countries.

We would like to hear from you. How has our products fit in, enhanced or changed your life? Send us a line to and tell us your story.

"T-Kingdom is an enrichment for the transgender world and it is marvelous that the community in Taiwan is caring for German genders. We are global family! Thank you friends!

Laura Meritt

I received the binder really fast, all the way to Finland! I was positively surprised about the quality; the binder stays in place, fits perfectly, and looks really good under tight clothes too. It flattens my B cup really well. And the main thing, I can breathe! I'm so happy that I can breathe sometimes I almost forget that I'm wearing this. For the first time I also realized that I can actually run.

I'm really grateful for the whole item and service, please keep on with it! I surely will buy again. And everyone who's considering to buy one of these, go for it!


"I'm glad you guys are so open about [your exchange policy]. Also thank you for the advice.

That's great! I just have to wear the binder and my clothes now, in the past I've had to wear a bra, two compression shirts, a strap over my breasts, and then my clothes. It was such a train wreck. I'm glad to finally make things simple and just have one thing I have to put on for my chest and then whatever I feel like wearing clothing wise. I'm excited about this."

A. Phell
United States

"Your binders have changed my life! At work nobody knows that I am a genetic woman accept from my boss. I work with children and thanks to the T-Kingdom binders I am able to wear clothes of MY choice! Next month I have a mastectomy operation planned and in the beginning of the healing process I will still were a binder from T-Kingdom to helt keep the breast tissue in place for healing. Before I was binding my chest with bandages, that was a painful story! Now thanks to T-Kingdom I can move around without thinking of my "problem" with breasts.

You saved my life, Thank You!"








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